Who Wants to Live on Campus?

Getting into Yale was no small feat, but I looked for apartments for New Haven CT because I’d rather live on the street than on campus. I come from a small rural area in the Midwest and I don’t care for the social climate on campus. You have a bunch of rich scions and entitled people who are very cliquish. Here at Yale they have various secret societies and other associated groups that you don’t see on any other college campus. They’re very elite and very snobbish. I didn’t want to have anything to do with any of these groups.

Fortunately a friend of mine felt the same way, and neither of us wanted to kick around a dorm for four years. I got the bright idea of getting an apartment off campus. We could pool our funds and stay a short distance away from the university while keeping clear of the elite students. Also we figured staying away from campus would mean quiet, which is pretty important when you are carrying a full course load at a place like Yale. It’s a tough school filled with very bright people and we knew we needed to study hard to keep up.

So we went online and looked around and soon found a promising lead. When we stopped by to look at the units I was surprised to see a number of Yale parking stickers in cars out in the parking lot. Apparently we are not the only people who are trying to stay out of the way and just get our work done. We both liked the layout of the apartment and thought there would be plenty of room so that we weren’t always tripping over each other. We can’t wait to get off campus and get into our own private space.