Very Many Floor Plans to Choose from

I finally chose far north Dallas apartments after having to decide if I wanted to take a job transfer with an airline or remain here in Dallas and work at their facility. I have lived here all my life and just couldn’t see myself moving way up north. The cold weather alone would have been a deal breaker, but really I love Texas and have been a proud citizen of this state since I was a kid. I also still have family living here and would like to stay close as my parents aren’t getting any younger.

Staying here meant I had to find a place near work, or at least in the general vicinity. I don’t mind driving to work despite the horrific traffic in the area. I just needed to find an apartment to set up shop in and I would be set to go. The questions was whether I could find one with an abundance of floor plans to choose from. Many places I have lived in or looked at in the past were nice enough, but didn’t offer enough options. I like to have a pick of things, so that was my overriding concern.

Fortunately I found a complex that offered a lot of living options. I am figuring I’ll move up quickly at work so I want the option of moving into a different floor plan as my means warrant. And if I decide to marry my girlfriend and we decide to have children? We will definitely need more space. This unit offers plenty of plans for single people to married folks with a few children. It should go without saying that the amenities are top notch as well. It is a fantastic place in a fantastic location and I can’t wait to move in and get my life moving up, up, and away!