Upgrading to a Much Better Apartment in Arlington MA

We got a bit upset with our landlord a few weeks ago. We have been here four years, and it has been getting worse every year. The rent keeps going up, and the condition of the place keeps declining. When it took two weeks to get the toilet fixed, we had enough. We started looking at other apartments in Arlington MA as we wanted to move ASAP. We were in the last month of our lease, so we could leave at any time. I wanted out before the last day of the month. My wife found us the Arlington 360 apartments. It is mansion living compared to where we were at, and it is still very affordable for our housing budget.

At the top of my list, it was a non-smoking place. Imagine your living space and all around you being smoke free. I can’t stand the smell, so it was a criteria for me. I never wanted to enter another hallway leading to our apartment that smelled like cigarette smoke. We have a cyber cafe, building access is controlled, there is garage parking and whole lot more. Our apartment has gorgeous plank flooring, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Very nice, and the rent is within our monthly housing budget to pay our lease.

After we toured the Arlington 360 apartment complex, we looked at a two bedroom apartment that we signed the lease for that day. The only thing left to do was to move and notify our landlord. We left our old place spotless, and we applied the security deposit to our new place. It was so nice to be moving into a place that has a nice pool, great sundeck and a really nice fitness studio. This place has so much more than our old apartment. We did not even have a swimming pool there.

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