The Different Condos at New Futura

I liked everything I saw with the New Futura condo development, on the outside at least. The floor plans were not released until recently, and I knew that I could not make a decision until I had seen them. I was very happy with the mix of different units. There are two penthouses, which are nothing short of amazing. While I am not hurting for money, I knew I would not be able to afford either one of those! There are 40 of the four bedroom units, and while those are more affordable, I just don’t need anything that big either.

The most common size is the three bedroom units. Each one is over 1,800 square feet, and there are 54 of them available. Finally, there are 28 of the two bedroom units, and those range anywhere between 1,000 square feet up to 1,400 square feet. I knew that I would end up with either the two or three bedroom unit, so those are the only two I really paid any attention to. There were two different styles for the two bedroom units, and then just the one style for the three bedroom.

I only needed two bedrooms, but I did like the additional space with the three bedroom units. The master bedroom and master bath are at one end, and the social areas are at the other end. In between are the other bedrooms along with storage, bathrooms and more. The kitchen is huge and is probably another reason why I wanted the three bedroom unit since it is bigger in that one. When I showed my husband, he agreed that the three bedroom was the one for us, and we are going to go and look at one in person very soon before they are all spoken for. That won’t take long because this really is a great place all around!