Pet-Friendly Apartments in Stone Oak San Antonio

I was a offered a promotion with a significant raise and bonus package by my current employer. The only catch was I would have to relocate to Texas. This was a very tempting offer and would need to be discussed with my husband. We have two young children to consider in this life changing decision. My husband was getting ready to be laid off from his current job very soon so we decided this could be a new beginning for all of us. We started looking for apartments in Stone Oak San Antonio.

We decided to live in an apartment for at least one year so that we could figure out which area we would like to purchase a home. Both of us were surprised at how many different apartment complexes there were to choose from. We made a list and narrowed it down to two choices. School for the children would most likely be the deciding factor in our final choice. Our first choice was in the most prestigious school district in San Antonio. The very next weekend we took a road trip and took a tour our first choice that we had on paper.

We were both thrilled as soon as we drove into the apartment community. The outside was so well maintained. Soon we were taking a tour of a three bedroom apartment and I must say I have never been so pleased with an apartment. There were all new appliances, new carpeting, fresh paint and so much more. When we found out that this was a pet-friendly community, we were sold. Our kids have been wanting a dog so badly and will be thrilled beyond their wildest expectations. This is a place I can definitely see my family living in for at least the next year or two.

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