It Was Time to Look for Something Better

In many relationships, one or both of the partners Walkin thanks for the relationship will last forever. But forever is a very long time, and the truth is that a lot of relationships don’t make it. I am one of those people who thought that once I got married, my ex-husband and I would be together until our old age. I was thinking about this as I was looking for an apartment in Colton CA for myself to live in alone. I was excited about a new place to live, but sad that I would be doing it alone. But this is the way life is sometimes, and you have to move forward even if life is sometimes unfair.

I gave my all in my marriage. However my husband did not. I don’t think you really thought about the bass our marriage meant that you needed to be trustworthy and faithful to me. He cheated on me too many times. I didn’t really put up with it, but staying with him for 10 years missed it if you continue to down me again and again. (more…)

All of My Dreams Are Coming True

When I received my master’s degree, I was excited for a number of reasons. The main one was because I could finally apply for my dream job, which required more than a bachelor’s degree. I had my heart on teaching at the University of Tennessee, and I especially wanted to teach at the branch campus located in Kingsport. My family is from that area, and I had not been back since I graduated from high school nearly 20 years earlier. My sister gave me the website address of a really nice apartment complex so I could take my time finding the house of my dreams. (more…)

We Never Thought We Would Be Moving

My husband the night had great fun the first time that we flew out to the Southwestern portion of the United States for the first time in our lives. We visited four states and planned to go back home as normal, but we fell in love with a couple of different areas we visited. This is how we found ourselves looking for apartments for rent in Southwest Las Vegas earlier this year. We have always lived in the Eastern portion of the country, and we had just never spent any time thinking about living anywhere else before this year. We’re both extremely happy with our new choice.

My mother’s family had come from Arizona, and I had always wanted to visit there, so we did. We really love the change of scenery. All the Western themes, the cactuses and the beautiful desert really spoke to us. We enjoyed the visit. After that, we moved on to Nevada. We visited quite a few cities, but we really fell in love with Vegas. (more…)