Moving into a New Area

I was really impressed when I looked at apartments in Decatur GA. This was the first time I was going to live in an apartment since I moved out of my college apartment nearly 20 years ago. I knew that the difference would be like day and night because I was a poor college kid back then and I am quite successful today. I knew that I could afford to have my pick of apartments, but I was still not expecting them to be as nice as what I found at Green Park.

The only reason I was even looking for an apartment is because I was not yet sure if I was going to accept the permanent position that was being offered to me. I knew that it was mine if I wanted it, but I wanted to get a feel for both the job and the community before I made my decision. I accepted a one year contract with the option to renew it to the permanent basis, which is why I was looking for an apartment over a house. After a couple of hours of looking at different neighborhoods and complexes, I decided on Green Park.

I am not the type to make a quick decision. I am also not the type to move into a new area without visiting it in person, so that is what I did before I filled out the rental agreement for Green Park. When I did see it with my own eyes, I was impressed. I knew that I would be happy living there, and I even felt that perhaps if I did stay with this job, I would not have to be in a hurry to find a nice house to live in. It looks as if everything I could want and need are right here.