It Was Time to Look for Something Better

In many relationships, one or both of the partners Walkin thanks for the relationship will last forever. But forever is a very long time, and the truth is that a lot of relationships don’t make it. I am one of those people who thought that once I got married, my ex-husband and I would be together until our old age. I was thinking about this as I was looking for an apartment in Colton CA for myself to live in alone. I was excited about a new place to live, but sad that I would be doing it alone. But this is the way life is sometimes, and you have to move forward even if life is sometimes unfair.

I gave my all in my marriage. However my husband did not. I don’t think you really thought about the bass our marriage meant that you needed to be trustworthy and faithful to me. He cheated on me too many times. I didn’t really put up with it, but staying with him for 10 years missed it if you continue to down me again and again. I don’t know if you had an addiction to cheating, or something else. In the beginning I thought it was my fault. But then I realize that he is one that has to talk. He was married once before he met me, and he did the same thing to his first wife.

When I finally realized that I deserve better, it suddenly became easy to ask for a divorce. He was surprised, and he begged me to stay. But I couldn’t bear the thought of another 10 or 20 years being treated the way he was treating me. The best thing I could do with you move out. I started looking for my own place with him 24-hours of weaving. It gave me a sense of freedom.