It Was Nice to Find an Easy Solution

Being new to the city, I wasn’t really sure where to start looking at first to find a place to live. I was staying with an old childhood friend because I had just moved there. She gave me lots of tips on where to go, but I was feeling unsure of myself as I was out driving around alone. One day, she handed me a postcard that came in the mail for a property website that looked very interesting. The more I looked at the photos on the postcard, the more I was interested in see the place that it advertised. It was smart of them to mail out the postcards, because it is what caused me to end up living there.

I often feel unsure of myself in new situations. On top of that, I don’t like driving very much. And in a larger cty, I can easily become very confused thanks to all the different highways, many buildings, and the large expanse of space the travel across the city. S while I was going out every day to look at different apartment locations, I found myself lost and confused every single day. It was even toying with the idea of buying a GPS unit to help make driving around the city easier. But the postcard came the same day that I thought about buying the GPS, and I began focusing on just that one location to go look at instead.

My childhood friend was curious about the apartments herself, so she jumped in the car with me so that we coulc go look together. With her help, I was able to get there with no trouble and I didn’t get lost. We both loved the place as soon as we walked in. By the end of the tour, I new that I would be very happy living. there.

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