It Was Easy Finding Our Apartment After All

My husband and I had to make a decision on whether we wanted to go online to find decent apartments near Henderson NV or if we wanted to contact a real estate agent to help us find the home of our dreams. We knew that we were going to settle in this area for a very long while, but we were not sure we had enough time to figure out where we wanted to live. We kept going back and forth, and that is actually what made our decision for us.

We knew that if we were having that much of a hard time deciding on whether to buy a house or not, then we needed to just focus on finding a great apartment for the two of us along with our two daughters. We would then be able to get used to the area and know where we wanted to start looking for a house at. Just because we chose an apartment for the time being didn’t mean our search became that much easier. We still had a lot of requirements, and I was not sure how long it would take to find an apartment complex that met all of them.

First off, I wanted to make sure that our two daughters were in the right school district. There is nothing more important to my husband or myself than our girls, and we wanted them to have the best education. When we found a nice three bedroom apartment at The Edge, we were excited because it was in the right school district, plus it has a lot of amenities that we are all going to take advantage of, like the pools and the fitness center that has all of the latest exercise equipment there. I guess it really was easy finding this apartment after all!