Investing in Apartment for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

I was kind of surprised to see the types of residential housing available in Turkey in the city of Istanbul and its surrounding regions. There has been some major development going on in the urban areas that rival any city here. I saw apartments for sale in Istanbul that were quite amazing in the amenities offered. You can actually buy your apartments in Turkey. You do not rent or lease them like you do here. Some of the buildings and apartment complexes there are incredible to see. Just how they do water features and swimming pools on the outside is quite amazing. There is one apartment complex in Turkey that has buildings on a man-made island that is surrounded by the blue waters of an enormous swimming area. It is so big that there are other little islands where you can go out to and just be in solitude and relax. I think that is amazing to have in the middle of a big city.

Turkey also has suburban areas that have villas that look just like what you would find in the suburbs here. I mean, if you were to be transported to one, you would think it looked the same as stuff we grew up with here in the States. Homes with lush green lawns, fences, swimming pools and all of the other things you would expect in the suburbs populate these suburban areas where you can buy nice villas in Turkey. You can choose from high rise apartment buildings to villa properties, and all of them are new and made to be beautiful. I have seen apartments with marble bathrooms and gourmet kitchens with high-end stainless steel appliances.

The really interesting thing is that the cost of living in Turkey can be half of what it is in other parts of the world making real estate investment opportunities a nice option for something that is affordable now and increases in value as time goes on.