I Need to Move to Maryland

It is not that tough of a decision aside from the disruption in my life. The big thing is my girlfriend, who has a job in Northern Virginia. Of course she was wanting me to get a place with her and I started to look for one bedroom apartments for rent in Forestville MD instead. Her job is just too far away from mine for it to be practical for us to live together. Of course that brings the whole relationship into question, the obvious thing is that she is ready to move forward and that means you have to live in the same place and in the end you wind up with a wedding band on your finger and a house full of kids. I would probably go along with the idea if it were going to work out that way, but this job pays a lot more than I am making now. So I am going to take it and see what happens after that. She is not going to like it at all, but she will obviously understand why I do it. I suspect that she would do the exact same thing.

I did find an apartment which was extremely close to the facility. If the day is warm then I will be able to ride my bike, although that would take around twenty minutes. By car it is going to be a really quick commute from this place, although they are saying that a couple of people are going to have to retire or get fired before they assign me a parking place. That is how it works and until then I shall have to just take the bus. It is not that big of a deal and you are really lucky if you have a parking spot in these places.