I May Need to Cut My Expenses

I am not really sure how long this job is going to last to be honest. I got it at the end of 2016, but of course now the new administration is going to start cutting all of the federal workers that they can. So I have been thinking about ways to save money so that I can have some to fall back on if things go bad for me. I have been living in some nice Towson apartments for example and they would be no issue so long as the paycheck comes in regularly. However I am probably going to have to find some place that is less expensive if that is not going to be the case. In fact I sort of think that I might be able to find a new job relatively easily, but it may not be that quick and so I do not want to end up strapped for cash.

The place is pretty close to ideal for where I am now. There is a bus stop right out in front, about a hundred yards from my door. It takes me right to the office in about eight minutes on most days. In fact I could walk if the weather was nice and I needed to get a bit of exercise. My car does not do me very much good though, because it would take years for me to get a place to park it. At any rate it is on the expensive side and so I am thinking that the best idea is to find a roommate, although that is not as easy as saying it. You need to find a person that you can get along with and more importantly, someone who is going to hold up their end of the deal.