I Have Just Gotten to Charleston

I have just gotten down here to start school a few days ago, right now I am going around looking for an apartment for rent in North Charleston SC and hoping to find a person who wants to split the rent for a place. Of course that is pretty close to necessary for me, but it hurts that I do not know anyone here except this guy who is a couple of years older than me. It does not help me to know him. He is living with his girlfriend and there is not any chance that he is going to give that up. Her Mom and Dad are paying the rent and he is not having to pay any of the cost. His friends tease him about it, but he only smiles like you would probably smile if someone teased you about hitting the lottery. I talked to him to see if he knew someone who was looking for a roommate.

Obviously that does not quite cut your cost in half, but if you split a two bedroom place the final cost to you will generally run around three fifths as much as it would to get a single bedroom place and pay the whole cost. That is really a big deal to me, I have been saving up money because I know that I am going to run out. I will need to get a job, but that is not going to pay enough to sustain me unless I do all that is possible to save as much money as I can. It is going to a tough thing at first since I am going to have to get my feet under me and I intend to take a pretty tough class load that is not going to allow me to work much.