I Got a Job in Cambridge

I have really been on a great roll lately and I can not really explain why things are going so well for me. I have been out of UMass for a good while, close to a year and I have finally gotten the real job that I wanted. The pay is really great and I have been doing great in that aspect of my life. Then I moved into some really nice Arlington apartments and I just lucked into a really great girlfriend. She was living with two other girls in the place next to mine. I love to grill steaks on the balcony and that is how I would meet them. After awhile the three of them would come over and I would cook for them. I found out pretty quickly that none of them were able to cook anything that did not come in a microwave friendly box. That sort of amazed me since I have been able to cook since I was very young. It was either that or go hungry when I got home from school.

At any rate it was pretty quickly obvious to me that I had an open runway with this girl. I would have probably not known what to do if she had not made things apparent. The other two would giggle at me when I seemed ready to fumble the ball and that was not what I was trying to do by any means. It turned out that she was actually rather well off. RIght now she is in medical school, but her parents are both already medical professionals. Her mother is an obstetrician and her father is something that I really do not understand. He is some sort of biotechnical engineer or something of that sort, he explained it to me and I did not grasp what he said.