I Bought My Own Apartment

I looked at a website that features real estate in Turkey because I wanted to find a new place to live. I had been living with two of my friends for a couple of years, but we had grown apart because of their boyfriends. I was not in the party lifestyle, much preferring to just sit home and read a book or do some crafts. Rather than risk our friendships, I knew that it was time for me to find my own place. I went to the website, not sure if I would be able to find something that seemed right for me.

I am so glad that I did this though, because there were quite a few apartments on there that I just fell in love with. I just needed a one bedroom apartment, because there was no way I would have another roommate. I don’t mind an occasional overnight guest, but I figured they could sleep on the sofa for those rare occasions. The apartment that I ended up getting was very affordable, and it even puts me a little closer to where I work. It has so many features too, and I knew I would enjoy using some of them, like the sauna and Turkish bath.

There are so many other things that really make this a nice place too. There is a fitness center and swimming pool. Even though I have never belonged to a gym, it did hold a certain appeal to me, especially if I could get in there before it got too crowded. I discovered upon moving there that this was not a problem! There are also massage rooms, spas, car rentals, housekeeping, and so much more. It really does feel great to be on my own in such a luxurious apartment. I finally feel like I can be me again!

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