I Am Having a Great Vacation

Of course the truth is that I am freeloading on my cousin’s couch and his girlfriend is not very happy with me. He has a great place, at this apartment complex called Lyric here in Las Vegas, NV. I am going to stay here for two weeks, which is about all of the time my money will last. I have been spending a lot of the time at what they call a resort style swimming pool, if you go to the community website you can see just how nice it is. Obviously I am trying to meet girls, but without being a masher or whatever you want to call it. I have met a couple of girls, but nothing has come out of it really. My cousin is laughing at me some of the time and his girlfriend is just waiting for me to go back to school. It is a different type of vacation for me, but I have a good job. My cousin got it for me, this is the season when these tourist places need extra people.

I am working all night long and so far I am not enjoying it that much, because the truth is that I have to be something of a jerk. I am a big guy and I am working as a bouncer at this huge club. In fact the trick to this job is to never do anything like you might see on TV or in a movie. You want to convince the guy that you would most definitely kick the crap out of him, but then get him to behave without doing that. The problem is that drunk people like to do dumb things and so you do not get to do the job the way it needs to be done.