The Different Condos at New Futura

I liked everything I saw with the New Futura condo development, on the outside at least. The floor plans were not released until recently, and I knew that I could not make a decision until I had seen them. I was very happy with the mix of different units. There are two penthouses, which are nothing short of amazing. While I am not hurting for money, I knew I would not be able to afford either one of those! There are 40 of the four bedroom units, and while those are more affordable, I just don’t need anything that big either.

The most common size is the three bedroom units. Each one is over 1,800 square feet, and there are 54 of them available. Finally, there are 28 of the two bedroom units, and those range anywhere between 1,000 square feet up to 1,400 square feet. (more…)

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Moving into a New Area

I was really impressed when I looked at apartments in Decatur GA. This was the first time I was going to live in an apartment since I moved out of my college apartment nearly 20 years ago. I knew that the difference would be like day and night because I was a poor college kid back then and I am quite successful today. I knew that I could afford to have my pick of apartments, but I was still not expecting them to be as nice as what I found at Green Park.

The only reason I was even looking for an apartment is because I was not yet sure if I was going to accept the permanent position that was being offered to me. I knew that it was mine if I wanted it, but I wanted to get a feel for both the job and the community before I made my decision. I accepted a one year contract with the option to renew it to the permanent basis, which is why I was looking for an apartment over a house. (more…)

Checking out My Very First Apartment

I am finally renting an apartment on my own. I’ve lived with my parents all of my life, but I finally saved enough money to get my own place. I am beyond excited, but there’s a lot of work ahead of me. I know that the first thing I need to do is decide where I want to live. I have picked out my favorite city, so I’m going to be looking for Mission Viejo apartments for rent. The city is located near shopping and freeways, so getting around and going all of the places that I need to go will be a breeze. It’s located near school and work, so it really is the most convenient place for me to live.

Based on recommendations from friends, I think I have narrowed down my options and discovered the best apartment community in the area. (more…)