All of My Dreams Are Coming True

When I received my master’s degree, I was excited for a number of reasons. The main one was because I could finally apply for my dream job, which required more than a bachelor’s degree. I had my heart on teaching at the University of Tennessee, and I especially wanted to teach at the branch campus located in Kingsport. My family is from that area, and I had not been back since I graduated from high school nearly 20 years earlier. My sister gave me the website address of a really nice apartment complex so I could take my time finding the house of my dreams.

I didn’t need anything elaborate, but the apartment complex turned out to be just that. I really liked what I saw, and I thought that just maybe I wouldn’t even need to look for a house anytime soon. I liked everything from the location of the complex to the amenities that it offers, both inside and out. The main appeal is that it is only a few miles from where my folks live, and my sister only lives another ten minutes out from them.

I was able to look at all kinds of floor plans, and I found the one that I wanted in no time. It is a two bedroom unit because even though it is just me, I wanted to use the second bedroom as a home office. Just because I graduated with my masters and was starting my dream job didn’t mean that I was done being a student either. I wanted to keep going until I have my doctorate, even if it takes me several more years. A home office where I can both study and work is going to help me do just that. All of my dreams are starting to come true, and it feels so amazing.