I Have Just Gotten to Charleston

I have just gotten down here to start school a few days ago, right now I am going around looking for an apartment for rent in North Charleston SC and hoping to find a person who wants to split the rent for a place. Of course that is pretty close to necessary for me, but it hurts that I do not know anyone here except this guy who is a couple of years older than me. It does not help me to know him. He is living with his girlfriend and there is not any chance that he is going to give that up. Her Mom and Dad are paying the rent and he is not having to pay any of the cost. His friends tease him about it, but he only smiles like you would probably smile if someone teased you about hitting the lottery. (more…)

It Was Nice to Find an Easy Solution

Being new to the city, I wasn’t really sure where to start looking at first to find a place to live. I was staying with an old childhood friend because I had just moved there. She gave me lots of tips on where to go, but I was feeling unsure of myself as I was out driving around alone. One day, she handed me a postcard that came in the mail for a property website that looked very interesting. The more I looked at the photos on the postcard, the more I was interested in see the place that it advertised. It was smart of them to mail out the postcards, because it is what caused me to end up living there.

I often feel unsure of myself in new situations. (more…)