I May Need to Cut My Expenses

I am not really sure how long this job is going to last to be honest. I got it at the end of 2016, but of course now the new administration is going to start cutting all of the federal workers that they can. So I have been thinking about ways to save money so that I can have some to fall back on if things go bad for me. I have been living in some nice Towson apartments for example and they would be no issue so long as the paycheck comes in regularly. However I am probably going to have to find some place that is less expensive if that is not going to be the case. (more…)

Who Wants to Live on Campus?

Getting into Yale was no small feat, but I looked for apartments for New Haven CT because I’d rather live on the street than on campus. I come from a small rural area in the Midwest and I don’t care for the social climate on campus. You have a bunch of rich scions and entitled people who are very cliquish. Here at Yale they have various secret societies and other associated groups that you don’t see on any other college campus. They’re very elite and very snobbish. I didn’t want to have anything to do with any of these groups.

Fortunately a friend of mine felt the same way, and neither of us wanted to kick around a dorm for four years. (more…)

Finding Affordable Luxury in Boston

When you are looking for a new apartment and think it is time to upgrade from something more ordinary into the luxury category, that can mean several things. For the most part, renters are looking for an overall upgrade in quality across the board, from the apartment itself to the amenities in the complex to the services offered. In the great city of Boston it tends to mean amenities, finishes, and location among other things. Luxury apartments in Boston are found all over, it is just a matter of determining what you want in a place and where you want to be. The good news is that although more grand than more basic offerings, luxury doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are many affordable options in the luxury category that renters should consider.

Given the rich history of the area, newly built homes are not synonymous with luxury living but many still find new appealing. One of the big things you get when moving up in apartment categories are upgraded finishes and more convenient offerings. (more…)