Very Many Floor Plans to Choose from

I finally chose far north Dallas apartments after having to decide if I wanted to take a job transfer with an airline or remain here in Dallas and work at their facility. I have lived here all my life and just couldn’t see myself moving way up north. The cold weather alone would have been a deal breaker, but really I love Texas and have been a proud citizen of this state since I was a kid. I also still have family living here and would like to stay close as my parents aren’t getting any younger.

Staying here meant I had to find a place near work, or at least in the general vicinity. I don’t mind driving to work despite the horrific traffic in the area. I just needed to find an apartment to set up shop in and I would be set to go. (more…)

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Stone Oak San Antonio

I was a offered a promotion with a significant raise and bonus package by my current employer. The only catch was I would have to relocate to Texas. This was a very tempting offer and would need to be discussed with my husband. We have two young children to consider in this life changing decision. My husband was getting ready to be laid off from his current job very soon so we decided this could be a new beginning for all of us. We started looking for apartments in Stone Oak San Antonio.

We decided to live in an apartment for at least one year so that we could figure out which area we would like to purchase a home. Both of us were surprised at how many different apartment complexes there were to choose from. We made a list and narrowed it down to two choices. (more…)

It Was Easy Finding Our Apartment After All

My husband and I had to make a decision on whether we wanted to go online to find decent apartments near Henderson NV or if we wanted to contact a real estate agent to help us find the home of our dreams. We knew that we were going to settle in this area for a very long while, but we were not sure we had enough time to figure out where we wanted to live. We kept going back and forth, and that is actually what made our decision for us.

We knew that if we were having that much of a hard time deciding on whether to buy a house or not, then we needed to just focus on finding a great apartment for the two of us along with our two daughters. (more…)